Territorial Army

In the United Kingdom the Territorial Army is a part of the British Army composed of reserve units, or part-time soldiers. Akin to the Army National Guard or Army Reserves in the United States.

Table of contents
1 World War I and earlier
2 World War II
3 Present Day Regiments

World War I and earlier

The Territorial Army was originally formed in 1908 (as the 'Territorial Force') and contained 14 infantry divisionss. The use of the word territorial signified that the volunteers who served with the force were under no obligation to serve overseas, although at the outbreak of World War I most chose to do so.

The original divisions of the Territorial Army were:

The divisions were assigned numbers in April 1915 so that, for example, the 'East Anglian Division' became the 54th Division.

A second line of division was raised in August 1914. These division names were prefixed with '2' to distinguish from the original divisions. For instance, the second line 'Northumbrian Division' was original called the '2nd Northumbrian Division' (later the 63rd Division).

World War II

Present Day Regiments

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