Terence Hill

Terence Hill (b. March 23, 1939) was born Mario Girotti in Venice to a German mother and lived in Dresden, Germany during his childhood.

After being discovered by Italian filmmakers, he appeared in his first major film, Luchino Visconti's The Leopard. He then played in a series of adventure and western films in Germany. In 1967, he returned to Italy to play in God forgives, I don't. He changed his name to Terence Hill in the same year, and he took it from the Roman scholar Terence and his wife's surname, Lori Hill.

In the following years, he starred in many action and western films together with his long time partner Bud Spencer. The two became a kind of guarantee for a funny, intelligent film and where highly successful in Italy. Their most famous film is maybe the 1971 western Lo chiamavano Trinità (They call me Trinity) and the 1972 sequel ...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (Trinity Is STILL My Name).

He now continues his career as a film producer.

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