TenDRA Compiler

The TenDRA Compiler is a C/C++ compiler for POSIX compatible operating systems available under the terms of the BSD license.

TenDRA uses the Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (ANDF), a specification created by the Open Group, as its intermediate language.

It was originally developed by the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) in the United Kingdom.

There are two branches of TenDRA, TenDRA.org and Ten15.org:

The aims of TenDRA.org are:

to continuously produce correct code,

to ensure code correctness through various means,

to continuously improve the performance of the compiler and resulting code, unless it would jeopardize the points above.

Ten15.org intends to be the principle development site of the compiler and to provide stable releases.

There have been efforts to port the FreeBSD kernel to this compiler.

Features of the compiler include good standards compliance and a smaller code size than the same programs compiled on gcc. C++ support is not as developed as C support, but an STL supporting release is expected soon.

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