Telegraph Melts

Telegraph Melts

Telegraph Melts is a 1986 album by musician Jandek. Corwood Industries release #0750.

Telegraph Melts is also the name of a Washington, DC-based chamber-punk band that recorded on Absolutely Kosher, a San Francisco-based indepedent label, in the late 1990s. Telegraph Melts, the band, consisted of Bob Massey on guitar and Amy Domingues on cello.

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Track Listing:

  1. You
  2. On the Planes
  3. Go to Bed
  4. Ace of Diamonds
  5. Twenty Four
  6. No Slow Ones
  7. Telegraph Melts
  8. Governor Rhodes
  9. Star Up in the Sky
  10. You Painted Your Teeth
  11. Mother's Day Card
  12. The Fly
  13. House Up On the Hill

Album Cover Description

Jandek, Nature Boy. He crouches shirtless in a vegetable garden behind a house that's mostly obscured by a profusion of tree foliage. He's got one hand under his chin as if contemplating something profound, or perhaps just trying to figure out what to do about the insects that are eating holes in his lettuce. Near the house two metal garbage cans are visible. The short sections of decorative white fence along the side of the garden are most charming. -- Seth Tisue

The figure crouches... wearing sandals.

The curtains are not drawn. Debris is stacked along the side of the house.

The crops are not discernable, perhaps onions on the left?

Cement pediment (see Modern Dances) in the lower right corner.

Telephone poles in the upper right corner (telegraph... telephone?)


Jandek lives next door to someone far away, someplace where ‘music’ is an expression of emotion and not a packaged entertainment; made for self, rather than for an audience... There’s some sorta feeling trapped in the sound that I like to bask in.

-- Art Black Away From the PulseBeat Winter 1987

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