A Teip is a tribal organization consisting of tribal communes and self-identifying by ancestry of the same ancestor.

There is about 130 teips (some sources state that there may be up to 300 teips). Number of Chechens (in Chechen rebpublic and outside) is about a million.

Below is list of teips with tukkhum to which it belongs, a short description, relation to the conflict and most prominent ethnics of 1990s.

  • Alerojj (1аларой/Алерой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой)) – small eastern one, the Alerojj village in Kurchaloevskijj rajjon. Many persons of it are against separatism, despite Aslan Makhadov (3rd president of separatists), [[Turpal-Ali Atgeriev}} (former minister of homeland security of separatists) are from there.
  • Beltagojj (Белг1атой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой)) –former part of the Beltojj teip.
  • Benojj (Беной) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой)) –probably, the largest of teips (about 360 000). Due to its size, relation to the conflict is heterogeneous – there are many both separatists and pro-federals there. Malik Sajjdullaev (famous businessman), Shamil Basaev are from there.
  • Beshni (Бешни) – Терлой – highland south-eastern teip. Owns its own mountain - – Beshni-Lam.
  • Biltojj (Билтой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой)) – Nozhajjjurtovskijj rajjon.
  • Varandojj (Варандой) – Шотой – one of the best known highland teips, of outer roots (following legends – of Russian).
  • Gendagenojj (Гендаргеной) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – from historic center of Chechen Republic called Nokhchijjmokhka. Position is not friendly to Dzhokhar Dudaev. Doku Zavgaev is from there.
  • Gordalojj (Г1ордалой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – supported separatism.
  • Gunojj (Гуной) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – north-east teip, against terrorism and for peace with the federal power.
  • Zumsojj (Зумсой) – highland teip.
  • Zurzakkhojj (Зурзакхой) – considered to be one of the most original.
  • Kalkhojj (Калхой) – highland teip. Zelimkhan Jandarbiev (2nd presidend of separatists) are from there.
  • Marshalojj (Маршалой)
  • Kurchalojj (Курчалой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой)
  • Mulkojj (Мулкой) – small highland teip (shatoevskijj rajjon).
  • Nashkhojj (Нашхой) – ethnogenetic center of middle-age nokhchimatnens.
  • Peshkhojj (Пешхой)
  • Rigakhojj (Ригахой) – Chebarlojj (Чебарлой)
  • Satojj (Сатой) – aristocratic, from Beltojj.
  • Turkkhojj (Туркхой) – Turks from Gashan-chu (Vedenskijj rajjon), also live in Roshni-chu. Position is not friendly to Dzhokhar Dudaev. Ruslan Labazaev (fight against Basaev) – from there.
  • Kharachojj (Харачой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – early mentioned in Russian written documents. Tight links with Russians. Ruslan Khasbulatov (former speaker of parliament or Russian Federation) is out there.
  • Khindhkojj (Хиндхой) – small, in region of Galanchozha.
  • Centorojj (Ц1онтарой/Центорой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – one of the largest, eastern.
  • Chanti (Чанти)
  • Chartojj (Чартой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – peacemakers and interagents.
  • Chermojj (Чермой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – mostly populates Mekhkety village. It owns tribe mountain Chermojj-lam.
  • Chinnakhojj (Чиннахой)
  • Chinkhojj (Чинхой) – Терлой – pro-federal position. Akhmad Kadyrov from there.
  • Elistanzhkhojj (Элистанжхой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – from Khattuni village (Vedenskijj rajjon). Moved to Aldy near Groznyjj.
  • Enganojj (Энганой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – populates whole Chechen republic. It is considered that Muslim preachers originate there.
  • Ersenojj (Эрсеной) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – eastern in the Nokhchimokkh region (Shalinskijj and Gudermesskijj rajjon).
  • Jalkhojj (Ялхой) – Nokhchmakhkakhojj (Нохчмахкахой) – forced by Maskhadov to move to Azerbajjdzan. Following information agencies, they gave ultimatum to Maskhadov demanding him to capitulate to federals.
  • Jalkhorojj (Ялхорой) – there is Jalkhorojj village named after this teip. Dzhokhar Dudaev (1st president of separatists), Sultan Geliskhanov (head of department of homeland security), Zelimkhan Jandarbiev, Shamil Basaev are from there.

Chinkhojj, Gendargenojj, Pekhshojj, Nakhshojj gathered tribal councils and initiated establishing independence (from any power, either federal of Maskhadov’s).

Most teips are neutral. People wish to live and to work under any rule, unlike early 1990s, on 2003 idea of single Chechen national state independent from federal government is not popular.

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