Ted Lewis

There have been several people of note called Ted Lewis.

Ted Lewis (ballplayer), Edward Morgan Lewis (born December 25 1872 in Wales; died May 24, 1936 in Durham, New Hampshire) was a Professional United States baseball player from 1896 through 1901 with the "Boston Beaneaters" and the "Boston Somersets" teams.

Ted Lewis (musician), given name Theodore Friedman (born Circleville, Ohio, 1890; died 1971) was a popular band leader, entertainer, singer, and bandleader from late 1910s throrough the 1950s; one of the most famous United States entertainers in the 1920s and early 1930s.

Ted Lewis (writer) (1940 - 1982) was an English crime novelist whose works include Jack's Return Home.

Ted "Kid" Lewis was a world boxing champion who is in the International Boxing Hall Of Fame. His nickname was Kid.

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