Ichitaro (一太郎) is a Japanese word processor produced by Justsystem, a Japanese software company. It is the main product of the company.

The company developed a Japanese word processing software JS-WORD for PC-100 in 1983. In the following year, jX-WORD for IBM JX was released. In the next year, jX-WORD Taro was released for PC-9801 and in the same year, Ichitaro as the next version was released.

In the era of MS-DOS, Ichitaro has a considerable market share along with other rivals such as Matsu of Kanri kougaku kenkyujyo. However, as Windows has become dominant, the market share was largely taken over by Microsoft Word. Some versions of Ichitaro were ported into Macintosh and OS/2. In May, 2003, the release of Linux version was announced.

Compact versions, Ichitaro dash and Ichitaro lite are for laptop PCs. As office suite, just home is also available. Ichitaro smile is for elementary school student and Ichitaro jump is middle and high school students.

As of July 6, the latest version is Ichitaro 13.

See also: Matsu, ATOK

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