Akito Tenkawa

Akito Tenkawa (天河 明人) is the main character of the anime series, Nadesico.

Akito was born on Mars as the child of two researchers. His parents are killed in an explosion (caused by Nergal, we find out later). He is also one of the sole survivors of the Jovian invasion of Mars (by the fluke of having a chulip crystal). He is kicked out of his job for being afraid when the Jovians attack Earth, and he stumbles upon his childhood umm... friend, Yurika Misumaru, who was on the way to Nadesico (as its captain no less), or rather he has a suitcase full of luggage dropped out of a moving car onto him. He follows because he remembers who Yurika was and she had dropped her picture. He is enlisted as cook for the Nadesico because he happened to be there and also becomes a temporary pilot when Gai, the official Aestevalis pilot, breaks a leg fooling around. Gai and he share a liking for Gekigangar 3 reluctantly shares his anime collection before he was killed by some escaping UEF loyalists (led by Admiral Munetake). After a few scuffles, Nadesico was on the way to Mars. He pulls victory after victory using his copied "Gekigan Flare" style attacks. In the end, he, Yurika and Inez solve the trick of Boson Jumping. Also at the end, he finally figures out that he likes Yurika too and they get married. Nonetheless, the main series was only the beginning for the cook/pilot.

Voice Actor:

Japanese Seiyuu: Yuji Ueda
English Voice Actor: Spike Spencer

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