Akino Arai

Akino Arai (新居 昭乃) a singer, song-writer, and lyricst, Akino Arai is best know for her works in anime such as Outlaw Star, Noir, Macross Plus, plus many more. Akino was born on August 21st, in Tokyo,Japan. She has performed with Maaya Sakamoto, Yoko Kanno, ZABADAK, Samply Red, Yayoi Yula, she was even in a group called, Marsh-Mellow. Arai debuted in 1986, with the song "Beautiful Planet". Did you know? Akino also has a brother, her Dad left when she was young. Her favorite artists include Bjork, Pink Floyd, and Led Zepplin. This article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by fixing it.

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