Aki Ross

Dr. Aki Ross is a fictional character, voiced by Chinese actress Ming-Na Wen, of the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within as a scientist in the mid-21st Century who has been abducted and infected by a race of aliens that landed on Earth and are destroying all life on Earth. Even though she is dying because of her experience with the aliens, she now has the ability to link herself to their secret of survival and how she can use it to help the remanents of humanity fight the xenomorphic parasites who seem to be sucking the souls out of the surving population. She has now allied herself with the Deep Eyes Squad, a specialist troop of soldiers who are determined to erradicate the alien menace once and for all. Aki is charged with finding the eight special spirits which are supposed to help save the planet. She is also falling in love with the Deep Eyes Sqaud's captain, Gray Edwards. But she must stay true to her convictions and work out the strange ominous dreams that haunt her in her quest that will hopefully liberate Earth but save her own doomed existence.

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