Akademische Orchestervereinigung

The Akademische Orchestervereinigung (AOV) is the local orchestra of Göttingen, Germany. The AOV was organized by a collective of local students and other amateur musicians to bring high-quality music to the community. AOV usually gives four concerts per year.

An egalitarian organization, the AOV elects its own conductor, which as of July 2003 is Thomas-Michael Gribow. The orchestra specializes in the performance of classical art music as well as lighter, accessible contemporary music. Since 1991, the orchestra has performed the works of Beethoven, Bizet, Prokofiev, Lutoslawski, Weber, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Bernstein, Wagner, Brahms, Henze and more. It gave the world premiere of the "Overture to 'The Bad Room'" by American composer Justin Weaver.

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